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Skilled and professional optometrists i Petaluma - find the best optometrists in Petaluma in our list below. If you live in or close to Petaluma and need an eye doctor to perform an eye exam or just buy new glasses or contact lenses in Petaluma you may use our list below to find an eye doctor near you. Optometrists and opticians in Petaluma can help you with most things related to your eyes. In total there are 1 different optometrists to choose from when you need an eye doctor in Petaluma to perform an eye exam or if you need buy glasses or contact lenses in Petaluma.

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Lam, Liana Yungay O.D.
3900 Lakeville Hwy


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Some of the companies and eye doctors in Petaluma from the list above also work as, or have colleagues working as opticians in Petaluma. So if you need help from an optician in Petaluma you could use the contacts from list above also.

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In Petaluma there are as stated before at least one optometrist or optician present, below you will find some general facts about Petaluma.

Petaluma /pɛtəˈluːmə/ is a small city in Sonoma County, California, in the United States. Its population was 57,941 according to the 2010 Census.

Area: 14.489 sq mi
Population: 58,941, year 2010

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